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  • StatusClosed
  • OP-ModePre-Launch
  • LocationN48 - E11
  • Localtime21:03
  • CountdownT-00D 00:00

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Darkmatter - A new theme for LEDE/OpenWRT

Darkmatter is an alternative HTML5 theme for LuCI that has evolved from luci-theme-bootstrap & luci-theme-material, in an attempt to bring a more concise, clean and visually pleasing UX to LEDE/OpenWRT. Check it out, help testing on different devices with different configurations and submit fixes if you can. All is welcome and needed to improve it further.

Desktop View of Status Page

More Screenshots below. Source:


Due to changes made upstream by OpenWRT/LEDE crowd, the darkmatter theme is no longer working with 18.x release.

At this point, darkmatter isn't yet included upstream by the LEDE/OpenWRT crowd, so for now, please select an installation method most suited for your case to get it:

Adding Darkmatter to your running LEDE/OpenWRT as ipk package

via LuCI

via shell

$ cd /tmp
$ wget
$ opkg install luci-theme-darkmatter_0.2-beta-2_all.ipk

Adding Darkmatter to your own LEDE/OpenWRT Build

Edit your feeds.conf and add the following to it:

# luci-theme-darkmatter
src-git darkmatter git://

Update your build environment and install the package:

$ scripts/feeds update darkmatter
$ scripts/feeds install luci-theme-darkmatter
$ make menuconfig

Go to LuCI → Themes, select luci-theme-darkmatter, exit, save and build as usual.

Enable the Theme

  • Go to System → System → Language and Style
  • Choose Darkmatter in the Design selectbox

More Screenshots


Darkmatter theme for LuCI - Realtime Graphs Darkmatter theme for LuCI - Interfaces Darkmatter theme for LuCI - Wifi Darkmatter theme for LuCI - Wifi Edit


 Darkmatter theme for LuCI - Startup


Mission-Log entry created by chrono on 2017/01/08 21:21 UTC


2017/01/09 13:11

There are currently some issues with LEDE and OpenWRT master/snapshots, since the there was a change from uclibc to musl, which wasn't tested. After a lot of feedback from early adaptors, it seems to be an easy fix and will be updated ASAP.

2017/01/09 23:24

Links have been updated to point towards 0.2-beta-1, which is now based on upstream master (LEDE/OpenWRT) build env which seems to be downward compatible to 15.05 builds.

Two test-build have been rolled out here, one in local feed and the last via git-src, both installed fine here.

If you were one of the unlucky people, who couldn't install or build, please try again now.

2017/01/10 20:33

In order to accommodate constraint devices like the mr3020 or others which don't have more than 4MB of flash, a first attempt to clean and optimize has been made and released as beta-2. Links have been updated.

2017/02/03 01:25

This is a very nice theme, thank you very much! Sharing it in my public builds.

2017/05/08 05:32

Nice! Thank you :)

2017/06/22 08:58

Collected errors: * wfopen: No such file or directory. * pkg_init_from_file: Failed to extract control file from

#### OpenWRT Chaos Calmer 15.05

2017/10/03 12:26

Hi, thanks for this pretty theme!

There's a small cosmetic issue on the Network/DHCP and DNS page, The MAC column of the Static Leases table doesn't cope well with entries that contain two space separated MACs.

A brief look into the css folder makes me and my html-fu from the 90s look very sad and unfit to offer a fix,

2018/07/02 15:34

Looks great, but I can't install it via luci.

Collected errors:

 * opkg_conf_parse_file: /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf:7: Ignoring invalid line: src-git darkmatter git://
 * wfopen: No such file or directory.
 * pkg_init_from_file: Failed to extract control file from
2018/08/10 02:10

I had a similar error. My work-around was to download the .ipk file directly to my PC, then copied it to the /tmp directory on my router and then installed it from there. NOTE: the new OpenWrt 18.06 stable release breaks this theme's formatting and a good bit of functionality, so I had to remove the theme :(. Unfortunately, I do not posess the nessesary skills to contribute a fix. I love this theme, and hope it's developer updates it and it becomes available in the official list of OpenWrt packages.

2018/08/17 07:06

Yes, I need DARK theme for Luci , all another is BRIGHT, I don't know why people want BRIGHT motives, not DARK :(. Please, help to save Dark Matter Theme and fixit it for OpenWrt 18.XX.

2018/10/08 15:34

Ye, I feel you, that's why I created and published DarkMatter for OpenWRT in the first place :)

fred jones
2018/09/29 07:50

Latest Openwrt 18.06.1 break the theme formatting an update would be appreciated as this is one of the best openwrt theme's.

2018/10/08 15:31

ye, it seems current openwrt has made significant changes to their html/DOM so the matching won't work anymore :/ It's a total PITA to theme anyways and I don't have the time to run after the dev crowd and fix it, while they refuse to include it, so that it would get more attention.

See also:

I'm still bound to 17.x, since there is still no NAND support in OpenWRT for the GL.Inet AR300M - I can't upgrade and I won't put time into theming something I can't even use :(

SaiD Moroccan
2018/11/22 00:04

to istall darkmatter theme in openwrt 18.6 1- download manually

2-Go to System → Software 3-Paste the following URL into the Download and install package field: darkmatter_0.2-beta-2_all.ipk

after download it from and upload it in mediafire worked for me 100%

wan hung
2018/12/26 09:38

when will you update this for openwrt 18.06?

Mai Sakurajima
2018/12/26 09:59

これは18.06に動作しません。 更新してください

2019/03/14 11:39

Dude, cant you at the very least offer a paid version of an updated darkmatter theme?

Some of us would be willing to pay a fair price for your time you know…

2019/03/14 11:40

do a kickstarter

2019/03/14 11:42

Set a price to get yourself an new router that works with new kernel, im sure you have enough fans to help get you there!

Simon Maxwell
2019/08/26 11:44

Would also pay for a new version!

2019/08/26 13:47

go check out the latest commit, there is a new PR merged that should work for 18.x - not tested tho!

Alessandro Del Prete
2019/11/09 19:26

Is there an updated .ipk to download with that latest PR so we can test?

You've done a great job with the theme. It's a pity it's not usable on latest version.

2020/01/31 11:54

Is the theme now available for v18 or v19?

2020/02/02 12:41

checkout the openwrt-19 branch

Alessandro Del Prete
2020/02/03 00:07

Thanks for this update.

The link to the ipk package is still the same as the old one for v19 branch? In the readme I still see this one:

Looks like it's the old package. It doesn't work on v19.

I tried also adding these to /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf

# luci-theme-darkmatter
src-git darkmatter git://

but when I update the lists it throws an error. it doesn't understand src-git.

Any advice on installing the new v19 branch?

Thanks for your work.

2020/02/03 10:23

afaik src-git feeds don't work on installed systems, they're for the openwrt build systems where you tell it where to get its sources. As openwrt-19 is still not working on my hardware (I'd laugh if it weren't so sad actually) I don't have one set up to create an ipk. If no one else builds and shares an ipk you'll have to build it yourself, or better yet, learn to build your own firmware images, because you can install way more onto it when NOT using ipk at all.

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