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HTTPS Connection Problems

For the last 24 hours a couple of users may have encountered TLS connection problems to this wiki, especially with latest browsers as a result of an unfortunate combination of problems. The last certificate expired yesterday and a new one was rolled out but the new certificate (from STARTSSL) seems to have been signed against STARTCOMs root CA, which was already kicked out by mozilla and google in latest firefox and chrome/ium. As this wiki is only accessible through HTTPS and ensures this by setting HSTS headers, there was no quick fix to mitigate the problem.

Since the whole TLS/HTTPS/CA business is totally broken by design, we either have to live with it or make a conscious move to with, which will provide our certs from now on to be more independent from commercial CAs and their leaks and implementation problems.

Sorry for the inconvenience if you were hit by this problem.


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