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Building a new Render Beast

Doing videos for LBRY is taking a toll on the current hardware. In order to streamline publishing of more actual videos, Blender rendering, other CPU/GPU intensive visualizations as well as training advanced Neural-Networks, a new and far more beefy Machine is needed.

While at it, we might just build it like a tank as well, completely from the ground up, with custom frames/cases, optimized for highest efficiency, environmental compatibility and lifetime endurance. This picture shows only the cooling part, with the pump/reservoir in the middle, left and right to it two radiators will take care of business.

2020/09/20 21:23 · chrono · 0 Comments

LimeSDR USB-A Unboxing

Finally the most competent SDR in our LAB arrived: The LimeSDR. Although the rtl-sdr and the sdrplay are great for playing/receiving and the HackRF/rad10 have been great advances, the LimeSDR is a completely different animal. Here's the unboxing of it.

Basic rigging and setup will follow soon.

2020/06/22 05:46 · chrono · 0 Comments

Mission: Critter Rescue

Sometimes it's not all about technology only, but our responsibility to deal with its fallout.

2020/06/06 17:05 · chrono · 0 Comments

LBRY - Decentralized content freedom

With the ever more growing demand for knowledge and content transfer by means of videos, this wiki is not the best place to host and share them. After following the progress of LBRY for the past two years and with the recent move of the LBRY team to have a fully functional web platform as well (next to the desktop and android app), it was time to make a move and create a channel for Apollo-NG there. The next Starlink Orbit visualizations will be hosted on LBRY as well.

When you are curious and want to try it out, you can simply create a free account here

This will also help the Apollo-NG channel to be able to stake more LBC into videos. If you are quick enough, you can also get some additional starting LBC by opening your “Rewards” panel and enter the following custom code: neumannwasrobbed

More and more creators, many of us still watch on YouTube - like Dave from eevblog, are moving over to LBRY as well, since YouTube has become an authoritarian, ideology driven censorship regime which should not be supported anymore.

Of course LBRY is still young and in heavy development, so it's sometimes slow and there might be dragons. That's ok. Slow is still better than full of ads (there are no ads in or the apps when you are logged in - you can tip creators for the content that you like) or being censored and not available at all.

Watch the full development progress of LBRY over the last 4 years:

For those who already are lbryrians: please follow, share and repost :)

2020/05/03 11:31 · chrono · 0 Comments

Patreon killed itself (behind the scenes)


JACQUELINE: So I wanted to reach out to you - we’ve had a lot of creators on Patreon with concerns. And there was obviously a lot of concern last week, so I wanted to follow up with creators on the platform. So even though you didn’t reach out to us, we had others that reached out, so I wanted to make sure that we heard directly from creators about what their concerns would be and so that’s really the reason I set up this call.

MATT: Sure. I’ve definitely got a lot of notes and a lot of questions that I’d like to ask. I wanted to begin by just noting the scale of the loss on my account, if you’re comfortable with that.


MATT: I did the numbers this morning. I am down 39% of my total patrons, 42% of the money on my account. I’ve been on Patreon 2 years and 3 months now, so over 2 years of work on Patreon at stake here. I don’t know for sure - I’m estimating that roughly an entire year’s gain has been wiped out. Everything that I was able to grow over 2018 is gone now. I just hope everyone at Patreon understands the scale of the damage that the decision that they made has caused to uninvolved creators. And I hope you would understand why almost half of my patronage would leave given the decision that you made.

JACQUELINE: Yes. And that’s obviously one of the reasons that I wanted to set up this call, because - sorry, one small thing. I just wanted to make sure that we’re not recording. Like, I’m not recording on my side.

→

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