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For practical and economical reasons, Apollo-NG is based on two vehicles, just like Apollo-13:

The CM pulls the LM to a destination, the LM parks in a geostationary very low earth orbit to quickly deploy the Hackerspace and its built-in lab and infrastructure, as well as R&D facilities and shelter for nomadic hackers. The CM is then free to act as shuttle, transport, workspace for 4 people or acting emergency habitat for 2 people.

With the exception of diesel, to power the CM's primary engine, both systems are designed to be completely self-sustainable, harvesting solar, water, wind and biomass energy when and wherever possible.

Keeping the spirit of the Apollo-Missions alive, when people all over the world, for the briefest of moments, were united when they watched the first human walking on the moon. The naming convention of Apollo-NG is an homage to the Apollo-13 mission which was called a successful failure. Once the original mission plan was abandoned, people started to hack together all kinds of creative solutions, in order to get the crew back alive.

System Status Overview

Open Virtual Flight Control Center