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Personal Log: FUCK

Freedom of speech is nothing if there is no freedom to use language in every way we individually see fit. After all, in the end, language is nothing but a crude tool to transfer knowledge, a meaning or just the state of our rational/emotional mindset to someone else. The more cryptic or inhibited the sender is, when translating thought patterns or trying to communicate an emotional state, the more likely the chance of communication failure becomes: The receiver must rely heavily on interpretation and interpolation. This problem seems to be even bigger when people from different cultures communicate, since their social and language training is different, making interpretation even harder due to a lack of common training ground (also beautifully depicted in

But after watching, I really kept wondering, if the life of those people really is so fucked up, that they're rather wasting their lifetime trying to pretend to be “decent” and “on the moral high-ground” while at the same time they just go home to eagerly receive the next ass-smacking from their wives to get one up. Fucking hypocrites. Now get the fuck out or not, I don't actually give a fuck because we have way more pressing problems to solve than allocating time and resources on debating/censoring the use of the word FUCK or any other for that matter.

And if you're often feeling offended by something someone says, ask yourself or even the sender (verify) if it was actually intended as an offence, before trying to censor words and oppress people, to distract and hide the deeper issues you're having but obviously seem unwilling to resolve yourself. Unwanted reflection of subconscious things, building up from too much exposure to double-think standards, can often be triggered by words associated with that. Sex probably is still one of the biggest contexts/meanings associated to the word family of fuck. As fucks can be used or (not) given in a plethora of meanings for amplification, a huge number of readily established and available idioms or even as simple expression deriving its meaning entirely from context or intonation it is the perfect candidate for a “War on Fucks”. For the children, of course.

Go read Bukowskis poetry if you want to see how even the most “offending” and brutish words showing things how they actually are without any fake metaphoric surface to shine things up. And still, this raw and honest way of working with words turned out very beautiful poetry worthwhile reading instead of some shit you think you're supposed to read in order to be accepted intellectually. Fuck that.


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