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New Reflow Toaster build with picoReflow

Here is another beautiful automated reflow toaster oven build, which makes use of our open-sourced picoReflow DIY PID conrolled Reflow Oven Software and some bootstrapping concepts & ideas:

It's great to see how the concept and software are spreading fast and spawn a whole new generation of inexpensive, modular and autonomous/remote-controlled PID temperature control approaches for all different kinds of applications, perfectly easy to adapt under DIY conditions, because they were developed under DIY conditions.

From the project's perspective we'll need your feedback, issues and ideas to come up with a rough plan to prioritize a couple of milestones we can fragment into work packages to organize a hackathon to push picoReflow's development further into the direction of an even more universal controller (picoPID) that won't even need to be hacked in order to do something else than just reflow soldering :)

So, please join us on picoPID Development Roadmap Pad and share your feedback & needs.


fe80:c0c4:858f:d068:ac86:196a:48e6:5842, 2019/11/19 00:21

Hi pasty ere I’m in need of help. As been trying to get this working…picoReflow I have pi zero, and pi 3b+ been trying to set up on both and I seem to get problem with Python? Can anyone lead me in the right direction as I’m not Getting any max31855 reading tried various different ways with no joy…very puzzled is this to old to work on python3 I’m so lost with this

chrono, 2019/11/19 05:56

As suggested in the picoReflow discussion/comment section a couple of times, you may have a bad max31855. Look thru the discussion for other options on how to check yours.

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