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SEEDStack - Open 3D printable seed/sprouting systemDIY Food Hacking


UCSSPM - Unified Clear-Sky Solar Prediction ModelOpen Solar Power


picoReflow - DIY PID Reflow Oven Controller based on RaspberryPiDIY Reflow Soldering


PiGI - DIY Geiger Counter based on RaspberryPiRasPi Geiger Counter

DIY ARA-2000

Active Wideband Receiver Antenna for SDR - ARA-2000Wideband Antenna


DSPace - Map everythingMap everything!


Sweet: The lab got a Mitutoyo 2046 Dial-Gauge

In order to reliably calibrate any kind of mechanical system, a dial-gauge really is a necessary tool. Today our Mitutoyo 2046S arrived and will be tasked directly to calibrate the bed of our 3D printer.


Mitutoyo seems to have a similar reputation level for measurement tools like Makita has for battery powered power tools: A very high price/performance ratio. The lab already carries a couple of other Mitutoyo tools, a large set of Makita tools and both have already proven themselves in terms of quality and reliability on many occasions.

You can even use them in the kitchen to drive mixers etc., this hack was successfully tested in the prototype-galley to create a number of dough's and mix all kinds of things with a Makita BHP459 (18V) while saving precious space and weight, a separate set of kitchen power tools would add. Better to make creative use of equipment which is already on-board, i.e. a battery powered motor with some sort of adapter we can put tools in.


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