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More PiGI prototype boards finished

Last Saturday, instead of breakfast, we wanted to have more geiger counters. So we had an early morning soldering session in the open air and with plenty of sunshine we finished two more 1.0 prototype boards so that we have more active PiGI's for tests and further development.

Now we have 3 PiGI Prototype Boards... HoHoHo

The first 1.0 prototype has been running for many month now and we simply needed more devices to test different tubes and to put up a real node, measuring the environment and pushing data into the ORM (Open Radiation Monitoring) metric storage.

Single PiGI Prototype Board with FH76VN

Since it makes sense to keep the alpha capability of the LND712 free for manual/spot measurements, we've chosen a low dose rate beta/gamma tube (FHZ76V/Valeo 18550) to be our first outdoor environment geiger tube.


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