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Cable Management?

At long last the Felix 3.0B upgrade parts have finally arrived last week and the picoprint underwent a complete overhaul. On Friday night the printer was completely disassembled, except for the bare frame.

All printed plastic parts (V2.0) were packed away (as a backup for now) and all screws, nuts and other metallic parts took a bath in WD-40 for 24 hours and were cleaned, re-sorted and stored in the original container. Having only sunday left, the assembly of the 3.0B went up to the part of implementing proper cable management.

Cable Management

This shot gives a good impression of the amount of cables to route and this is only the bare Felix configuration without any other extras. The next long weekend is directly ahead, so the printer should be fully upgraded, re-pimped and ready to print on the weekend.

About time, I miss the smell of extruded PLA in the morning…


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