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PiGI Software Hacking & Hackathon

For the last couple of days we've been really busy pushing the pyGI/webGI software suite that goes alongside the PiGI to make it a really useful geiger counter and we're very proud and happy to show you some of our preliminary results. Our goal was simple: Build the most cost-effective, non-profit, open-source geiger counter and offer more features with an easy to use interface than any other commercially available solution. Even now in the early states we already have achieved that goal.

It runs entirely on modern HTML5/CSS3/JS architecture and we test/support modern open-source browsers like chromium and firefox. The whole setup has been shifted to a mobile-first approach, so you can use the webGI interface on any modern smartphone or tablet as well as a “big” computer or a web enabled TV. Here are a couple of sneak-previews:

Main Instrument View

Main Instrument View

  • Real-time Status
  • Multiple Graphs for 15 Minutes, 1 Hour and 24 hours
  • Analog Gauge
  • Ion Trace Visualizer
  • Tick Sound

History View

History View

  • Touch optimized interaction
  • Access full data log history with a few finger gestures
  • Linear & Logarithmic view for convenient data interpretation

Ion Trace Visualizer

Ion Trace Visualizer

  • Visualizes the counts very intuitively
  • 2D hardware acceleration supported

Again, we still only have limited time due to our dayjobs, so it would be nice if some more hackers would join us and we organize a little hackathon to iron out more bugs and implement new features. You can join us, download the software and play/develop on your local host (no Pi/PiGI needed) since the software already provides a simulator mode if no PiGI is detected. We'd love to get feedback, bug reports and pull requests :)

Iggy has also developed and successfully tested the hardware RNG/entropy module so you can also directly use the PiGI/pyGI combo as a high quality random data source for for game or crypto purposes.


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