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SEEDStack - Open 3D printable seed/sprouting systemDIY Food Hacking


UCSSPM - Unified Clear-Sky Solar Prediction ModelOpen Solar Power


picoReflow - DIY PID Reflow Oven Controller based on RaspberryPiDIY Reflow Soldering


PiGI - DIY Geiger Counter based on RaspberryPiRasPi Geiger Counter

DIY ARA-2000

Active Wideband Receiver Antenna for SDR - ARA-2000Wideband Antenna


DSPace - Map everythingMap everything!



Apollo-NG website relaunched

In case you have been here before you might want to hit Shift+F5 and clear your cache to avoid any local caching issues. It was a hard decision to take away available timeslots from other research projects but it was necessary to update the rather quaint and non-committing old design. This project is about the future, about modernization and leaving old, inherited, legacy ballast from many contexts of human activity behind. The UI should reflect that.

Luckily, just in the same timeslot the DokuWiki developer crowd has finished the new Weatherwax release, which fixed a lot of issues and drastically decreased the amount of necessary plugins to get all needed features for this site. So a big thanks to all the people who have participated in DokuWiki is in order.

DokuWiki has proved itself here as a totally versatile platform, mixing together features of content-management-systems, wikis, blogs and enough freedom to intertwine them with a hacked up UI and only very minor changes under the hood. And still, even after testing many other solutions, when weighing the amount of required server resources and easy maintainability vs. features, performance and stability there still wasn't any other system that could even come close to its efficiency and ease of integration.


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