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Apollo, we have a problem...

Another Hackathon-Weekend passed by and the DSpace-Client and its backends are really shaping up nicely. A lot of code was refactored during the weekend, taking full advantage of amd, backbone and ender now. The first real-time data sharing overlay was tested successfully as well, so we managed to get a lot of the basic features we imagine to have in DSpace working.

Due to the demo build deploy, the nodejs installation was updated to 0.8.17 but the etherpad-lite, which serves the Apollo-NG pads was too old for the switch. Etherpad-Lite was updated to latest, but the db-data of the old pads wasn't compatible to migrate from old format sqlite3 to new MySQL storage. All pads that weren't obviously marked as abandoned have been restored (content only - no history).

More people and groups like the MuCCC and RBOSE seem to have been using the Apollo-NG pads than expected 2 years ago. After 24 hours of downtime of the pads everything is up and running again, offering new features, like import/export functions and the ability to save revision points in the timeline. Since the data changed from sqlite to MySQL there should also be a small gain in performance and long-time reliability. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully, the new pads will run as stable for the next 2 years, as the other one did before.

If you are missing a pad or data from it, just drop a note. The data of the old pad will be stored for the next 14 days, afterwards it will be purged.


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