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SEEDStack - Open 3D printable seed/sprouting systemDIY Food Hacking


UCSSPM - Unified Clear-Sky Solar Prediction ModelOpen Solar Power


picoReflow - DIY PID Reflow Oven Controller based on RaspberryPiDIY Reflow Soldering


PiGI - DIY Geiger Counter based on RaspberryPiRasPi Geiger Counter

DIY ARA-2000

Active Wideband Receiver Antenna for SDR - ARA-2000Wideband Antenna


DSPace - Map everythingMap everything!



DSpace Progress

A lot is happening and a a few more people have started to contribute their time, skills and knowledge to push DSpace into the realm of reality.

Last Saturday, Niklas Cathor, also a strong supporter of federated technology, dropped by and joined the hackparty to just start hacking on moving us to amd.

Alice and elf-pavlik have continued working on DSpace, fixing a lot of issues and we moved the client to something almost usable. The UI will receive another major overhaul, targeting mobile usage on smaller screens with intuitive touch gestures instead.

It was great to be sitting in a bus and see the Tikiman (our current development mascot, representing the users location) move on the map. It will be even greater when we can share our positions and movements :)

Today a new tileset for Munich was put into production, which hopefully will make rendering on low end devices and small bandwidth connections even faster. The new map reduces the amount of data transfered to the client by over 60%. As always, you can see the development progress live on the demo-site:


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