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SEEDStack - Open 3D printable seed/sprouting systemDIY Food Hacking


UCSSPM - Unified Clear-Sky Solar Prediction ModelOpen Solar Power


picoReflow - DIY PID Reflow Oven Controller based on RaspberryPiDIY Reflow Soldering


PiGI - DIY Geiger Counter based on RaspberryPiRasPi Geiger Counter

DIY ARA-2000

Active Wideband Receiver Antenna for SDR - ARA-2000Wideband Antenna


DSPace - Map everythingMap everything!



Exciting News: MediaGoblin moves to SQL tomorrow

A7B5BC2V79RH. Helping upstream projects directly seems to be a much more logical choice to put work into, instead of rewriting code to enhance it for oneself only. Today, the development time was invested into the new video.js interface for MediaGoblin, to give it a real “production grade” finish with MediaGoblin visual identity and to make it easier for other hackers in the future, to change the skins to their liking.

For tomorrow, MediaGoblin promises a real treat: The change from MongoDB to SQL.

You will have to wait to find out, if it's just one of April Fools' Day's hoaxes or the real thing :)


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