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  • StatusClosed
  • OP-ModePre-Launch
  • LocationN48 - E11
  • Localtime03:48
  • CountdownT-00D 00:00

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picoReflow - DIY PID Reflow Oven Controller based on RaspberryPiDIY Reflow Soldering


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DIY ARA-2000

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Watterott-Electronic sponsors Hardware

Buying Sparkfun products and being in europe always was a little bit annoying due to shipping times & customs hassle. Stephan Watterott, CEO of Watterott-Electronic, offers many sparkfun products and other greatly hackable devices and components in his Shop, shipped directly from Germany.

Stephan was also kind enough to become a sponsor and is willing to provide necessary kits and components for Apollo-NG's Hackerspace and R&D Lab, to let other hackers play with them and to enhance the functionality of the Odyssey or Aquarius:

  • BeagleBoard for Odyssey's MCU
  • Sensors for Argus
  • Power Sensors (Allegro)

When the current maintenance cycle ends and the next R&D cycle begins, all development tasks will be weight by importance, to identify priorities and then decide what is going to be needed.

Thanks for your support Stephan, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

Mission-Log entry created by chrono on 2012/03/23 11:49 UTC


2012/03/28 13:10
I was in touch with Stephan Watterott when I ordered parts from Watterott-Electronic, I absolutely second and recommend the generous and friendly contact.


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