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SEEDStack - Open 3D printable seed/sprouting systemDIY Food Hacking


UCSSPM - Unified Clear-Sky Solar Prediction ModelOpen Solar Power


picoReflow - DIY PID Reflow Oven Controller based on RaspberryPiDIY Reflow Soldering


PiGI - DIY Geiger Counter based on RaspberryPiRasPi Geiger Counter

DIY ARA-2000

Active Wideband Receiver Antenna for SDR - ARA-2000Wideband Antenna


DSPace - Map everythingMap everything!


Random Labstuff & Chill

After waiting for more parts to arrive and everything being stuck in the supply chain no project could be pushed further, so we have a chill hangout and work on labstuff and see what we can do, like getting the microscope cam going for instance.

If you want to see more, please join Odysee and follow our channel there.


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You may take part to enter to win $1,000 and give the restaurant feedback on your dining experience. Continue reading to learn more about the Survey and how to enter the drawing.

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Www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey, 2023/10/30 05:35

In order to better understand their customers' opinions and levels of satisfaction with their home renovation items, Home Depot is looking forward to having its visitors complete the survey. Consumer input enables Home Depot to further enhance its offerings and give customers a first-rate experience., 2023/11/02 09:05

When consumers offer recommendations and discuss the items they like and hate, the business receives important data that helps it make decisions. They gain a comprehensive understanding of the goods and services that consumers value and what needs to be improved.

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MCDVoice.Com, 2023/11/07 07:43

The McDVoice survey may be completed easily online at, and there are fantastic incentives available. All that is required of you is to provide feedback that is as truthful as possible. In the same way that it helps the firm identify its deficiencies, this feedback enables it to provide you with the customer happiness you deserve. Their actions are guided by these viewpoints and they guarantee the utmost client delight. So go to the McDonald's that's closest to you and fill out the survey!

McDonald’s Survey, 2023/11/07 07:48

It is entirely voluntary for you to take part in this study. Regarding this project, there are no known dangers. Nonetheless, you have the option to exit the survey at any time if answering any questions makes you uncomfortable. Finding out what you think is crucial information for us., 2023/11/09 08:49

The customer center and a desire to provide the highest quality products at reasonable prices may have contributed to KohlsFeedback locations' success and notoriety. The many products that Kohl's retail outlets sell include jewelry, games, apparel, toys, and more. Consumers have the wonderful opportunity to provide KohlsFeedback on their purchasing experience by completing the KohlsFeedback Fulfillment Survey at Take the KohlsFeedback Survey Code No. Code Khol's Survey and obtain it.

Official Lowe’s Survey, 2023/11/09 13:01

Lowe's poll: Have you recently visited a Lowe's store and are unsure about how to take part in the shop's customer survey? Are you attempting to learn about the benefits it provides? If so, you've come to the appropriate spot. You may learn everything there is to know about, including its prizes, in this article. Continue reading.

KrogerFeedback, 2023/11/09 13:45

The survey gives participants the opportunity to win cash or a $5,000 gift card. Providing feedback on your experience at your neighborhood Kroger store takes around five minutes. For every consumer who has recently visited the business, this is a great chance. Thus, don't hesitate to participate in the survey. You will just be required to answer a few basic survey questions about your most recent Kroger shopping experience.

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KrogerFeedback, 2023/11/10 14:04

Participating in the Kroger feedback survey program with the purchase receipt gives you the opportunity to win Kroger fuel points or save more money if you regularly buy at any of the nearby Kroger grocery shops. Participants in the Kroger customer satisfaction survey program may enter to win a $5000 grand cash award in the form of a supermarket card, 100 $100 gift cards, or 50 Bonus Fuel points by completing the survey., 2023/11/14 10:37 The organization uses the information gathered from performing these surveys only to improve its products and services by learning more about client needs, grievances, and feedback. The goal is to find and close any gaps by analyzing both favorable and unfavorable customer feedback.

Big Lots Survey, 2023/11/15 12:04 gift coupons are another reason why customers adore the store—you can win them by simply filling out their feedback form. Completing these simple questionnaires only takes ten to twenty minutes.

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thomascharlotte928, 2023/11/15 12:28

Our web development company are intended to accelerate your success, whether you are an established company trying to remain ahead of the curve or a startup trying to make your mark. Accept the power of technology to grow your company and maintain a stronger relationship with your customers than before. Reach out to us right now to begin your mobile app development adventure with a group of committed experts that share your enthusiasm for success.

Check Lowes Survey, 2023/11/16 06:11

The website Are you a regular Lowe's customer? Take the Lowe's Survey and share your opinions and observations! We value your feedback as we work to give our consumers the greatest possible purchasing experience.

ronald moore, 2023/11/16 06:11

All the store needs to know is how satisfied you are, and they can do that with the help of the CVS Health Survey. You can use your smartphone to explore the website and finish the survey because it is available online. Before you may take the survey at CvsHealthSurvey, you must be informed of its rules and standards.

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The Customer Satisfaction Survey will be the Home Goods firm's sole official survey that allows customers to discuss about their experiences with the company through comments, reviews, feedback, or even ideas.

The Home Depot Survey, 2023/11/22 10:05

You can enter a sweepstakes drawing to win a $5,000 Home Depot gift card if you finish the Home Depot survey.

One of the most popular methods to enter the $5,000 sweepstakes is through the Home Depot Survey. Additional methods consist of an email invitation survey following a retail purchase. Additionally, there is an Alternate Method of Entry (AMOE) that allows participants to mail in their entries.

The Home Depot Survey, 2023/11/22 10:06

You can enter a sweepstakes drawing to win a $5,000 Home Depot gift card if you finish the Home Depot survey.

One of the most popular methods to enter the $5,000 sweepstakes is through the Home Depot Survey. Additional methods consist of an email invitation survey following a retail purchase. Additionally, there is an Alternate Method of Entry (AMOE) that allows participants to mail in their entries.

HomeDepot.Com/Survey, 2023/11/23 05:37

The survey serves as input for the business, enabling it to learn what its clients think of the goods and services it offers. The winners of the Home Depot survey have also received gift cards or prizes as a way to encourage their patrons. To ensure a seamless consumer survey experience, it is imperative that you understand all the rules and regulations.

almondsrobert5, 2023/11/23 11:50

Dollar General, a low-cost retailer in the US, conducts a customer satisfaction survey called [[]] Customer feedback regarding their purchasing experiences at Dollar General stores is the aim of the study., 2023/11/23 11:50

Dollar General, a low-cost retailer in the US, conducts a customer satisfaction survey called DGCustomerFirst. Customer feedback regarding their purchasing experiences at Dollar General stores is the aim of the study.

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In order to better understand their customers' opinions and levels of satisfaction with their home renovation items, Home Depot is looking forward to having its visitors complete the survey. Consumer input enables Home Depot to further enhance its offerings and give customers a first-rate experience., 2023/11/28 05:44

The purpose of this Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey is to get candid and honest comments about your most recent shopping experience from consumers just like you. As you are undoubtedly aware, the goal of every business is to be the best in its industry, and the secret to success is having happy customers., 2023/11/29 10:27

The company will use the information you provide to help them with customer service, new product updates, and—surprisingly—store climate. This survey is available online for accommodations.

Walterbaldwin.only02, 2023/12/01 14:01

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Go to, log in, and input your LL Bean Master Card number, Social Security number, and security code from the back of the card to activate it.

www.HomeDepot.Com/Survey, 2023/12/18 09:31

The company will then enter your name into a lottery to give you the chance to win a $5,000 gift card as a token of their appreciation for taking part in the campaign.

jackmarli029, 2023/12/19 06:27

Through an extensive survey, the current study seeks to explore the phenomena of hard rock music. Get lost in the fascinating world of musical history at Hard Rock Cafe, where you may make a lasting impression with your voice.

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For those who really like sex dolls, they are also more willing to collect and buy sex doll heads . This is because the heads of sex dolls are detachable and the necks have buckles for easy portability.

PublixSurvey, 2023/12/20 11:42

Both online and in physical places, a wide range of items are available for purchase. Thus, before we get into the intricacies of the vote, let's take a closer look at Publix and its goods. for the objectives of this survey on customer satisfaction at Publix., 2023/12/25 13:04

You may quickly log in to your L.L.Bean Mastercard account if you have previously registered or activated it by going to the company's official website, . To access your account, all you have to do is enter your username and password in the designated areas and click the “Login” button.

KohlsFeedback, 2023/12/26 04:18

You can win some great rewards in the form of gift vouchers, which is an intriguing information about the survey. You may use these gift cards at the store on you next visit. The poll on customer satisfaction feedback is open to both new and existing customers.

priscillawheuer, 2023/12/30 21:53

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CNN, or Cable News Network, is a trustworthy 24-hour news outlet that covers a wide range of international events. It's among the most widely used websites worldwide. It receives 91.8 million monthly visits from users, has a domain rating of 93/100, and has an Ahrefs rank of 185 (the highest possible number being 1). use of news snippets accompanying breaking reports is one of its most handy features. The greatest method to satisfy your news habit is definitely this! You may also listen to podcasts and audio transcripts.

Krogerfeedback, 2024/01/03 13:28

The processes for completing the survey are straightforward. However, before you begin completing this 50 Pt Prize the

wlgreenslistens, 2024/01/06 04:26

We value and acknowledge customers who participate in the Walgreenslistens customer satisfaction survey by providing us with honest feedback. Additionally, Walgreens is offering a $3000 prize to customers who complete this survey. American-based pharmaceutical company Walgreens was founded.

nancyfrank, 2024/01/08 06:58

After buying a life sized sex doll, we must be optimistic about the business.

Of course, if it is not stored properly after purchase, its shelf life will also be affected. It will be put aside or hidden in the cabinet forever, so when choosing, we must first see if its shape is what we like., 2024/01/08 08:27

The Service Management of MC Donald's organizes this review. The purpose of the consumer loyalty survey is to help MC Donald identify the unhappy customers in Canada. The mcdvoice Survey is an online customer survey conducted by McDonald's on More customers participate online and share their opinions, experiences, and criticisms. Customers' surveys may be positive or unfavorable, and MC Donald is aware of every audit it does involving important clients.

KohlsFeedback.Com, 2024/01/09 04:47

An American favourite, Kohl's is a family-friendly one-stop store for all of your requirements. They feature a wide variety of products, including toys, apparel, top brands, and even stylish home décor. At Kohl's offers an online survey that it uses to learn about the positives and negatives of its consumers as well as to enhance store standards and services.

Telltractorsupply, 2024/01/10 04:53

Do you shop at Tractor Supply? Do you purchase things there for your animals or pets? Maybe you recently placed an order at Tractor Supply's official website. Sharing your most recent customer survey would be fantastic, and it would make you eligible to win a $2,500 Tractor Supply gift card.

wolgreenslistens, 2024/01/10 05:22

Walgreenslistens welcomes you to its official website of Walgreenslistens customer survey walgreenslistens. You are welcome to participate in our Walgreens survey, where you may tell us how you feel about us. Customers who participate in this survey will also be entered to win $3000 from Walgreens.

robertmcreynolds726, 2024/01/10 11:59

By using the GetFreedomUnlimited invitation number, you can get a Chase Freedom credit card with an amazing sign-up bonus and cash-back perks that you can use whenever you'd like.Be aware that there's a limited-time offer for unrestricted matching cash back! When you utilise the card for all of your transactions, the bank will automatically match the cash back you receive—with no upper limit on how much you can earn—at the end of the year.

wolgreenslistens., 2024/01/11 04:48

For Walgreens to better understand the requirements and expectations of its consumers and make the necessary service enhancements, the survey is a crucial tool. There are several questions on the Walgreens feedback form that cover a wide range of topics related to the purchasing experience.

Aspire Credit Card Code, 2024/01/11 04:59

Please continue reading as we evaluate the which is intended for customers with less-than-ideal credit, if you're searching for a credit card that accepts an annual income below what most people would consider acceptable and demands a less-than-ideal credit score. Please take notice that hundreds of Americans have benefited from these credit cards by rebuilding their credit records and starting over once you throw away the application and destroy this card., 2024/01/12 04:25

Have you lately gotten a new Chase bank or credit card in the mail? Verifying your card is the first thing a business will ask you to do. You may finish this quick and simple online process in a matter of minutes. How to Protect Your Bank Card or Chase Credit Card Online The first step is to go to this official Chase card verification page. A notice stating, “Please log in to verify that you have received your new credit card,” will appear on the next page., 2024/01/12 04:44

In 2013, Rumble emerged as a direct rival to YouTube as an online video-sharing platform. Since its launch, the user base of the Rumble platform has grown remarkably. You have endless video content to watch and share with your friends when you use the Roku Rumble app.Rumble has a live streaming feature just like YouTube.

TargetPayandBenefits, 2024/01/12 13:13

TargetPayandBenefits Here is a comprehensive essay that contains all the important details regarding TargetPay and Benefits if you're among those who would want to learn more about payment and benefits.

To access your Target Pay and Benefits employee account, you will require the login credentials, which consist of a password and user ID. You are a new user if you don't have them. Given that you are a current employee of Target, you must register first., 2024/01/13 04:41

We appreciate your input so we can make the store better for when you visit again. Share your thoughts honestly, then. Are you hoping to get a $5,000 gift card to Home Depot? Let's get started on the Home Depot survey and stop being late. The Home Depot survey may be accessed at the website, 2024/01/16 03:25

Providing both classic and contemporary TV shows together with movies, Epix Now is a unique streaming service. Before choosing to subscribe, you may use the program for a free seven-day trial. The Crown, the HBO series Get Out, or Westworld are among the Original Series accessible via Epix Now.

Reelznow.Com/Activate , 2024/01/17 03:18

TV shows, events, movies, series, and miniseries are all aired on the Reelz Channel, a prominent US satellite and cable TV network owned by Hubbard Television. You may watch your favorite shows, like CopyCat Murderers, if you have an active TV membership., 2024/01/17 04:27

How recently have you been to Home Depot? What do you think of the products and service provided by the local Home Depot? To get input from customers on its goods and services, Home Depot offers an online survey at . If you finish the survey, you'll be placed into a random drawing to win $5,000 in Home Depot gift cards. Please follow the steps listed below to fill out the survey and let them know what you think.

Krogerfeedback, 2024/01/18 04:24

Consumers may receive an approval code for a complimentary lunch at Krogerfeedback by taking the time to complete the KrogerFeedback survey at Kroger hosts a giveaway known as KrogerFeedback each month. There are 300 gift cards, each worth $100, and three $5,000 gift cards up for grabs.

WalgreensListens , 2024/01/18 08:41

It has quickly become one of the top companies in America due to its tremendous expansion in its business. To ensure they have good customers, the main goal of a Walgreens survey is to improve their services based on feedback from a varied range of people.

Krogerfeedback, 2024/01/19 04:42

The WalgreensListens Survey, commonly known as the Walgreens consumer Satisfaction Survey, is primarily designed to gather consumer feedback about the goods and services they receive from its locations. You must go to the official website in order to finish the survey.

Kohlsfeedback, 2024/01/19 08:17

If you opt not to receive sales mailings, you will still receive a printed coupon good for 10% off your next online purchase. You don't have to sign up for emails to leave feedback. Along with an opportunity to voice their opinions, customers who choose to take part in Kohl's Customer Feedback Survey also receive added benefits.

KohlsFeedback, 2024/01/22 05:37

Are you looking for one location to purchase everything you need for your home? Then you should go to Kohl's department store. They offer a great variety of goods, such as jewelry, toys, clothes, and much more. Naturally, though, there are other advantages to buying at Kohls. You can talk about your shopping experience by taking their Kohls feedback survey at kohlsfeedback, which is another awesome feature., 2024/01/22 09:57

Customers are entered into a drawing to win money when they provide comments via the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey. The $500 reward is chosen at random by the participants after a predetermined amount of time. While some people cherish their company's monopoly, puts its clients' needs first at all times. Also, Yum! brands, with the exception of China, are the parent corporation of Taco Bell., 2024/01/23 04:41

Sinclair Broadcast Group requires this broadcast infrastructure in order to operate. On television, racquet sports like tennis and badminton often have strong viewership. Each month, about 62 million people watch the show on average.

stevenasher897, 2024/01/23 05:43

Enter the MyLowesLife employee login page to adjust your benefits, access paystubs from prior periods, and monitor your schedule. Roku, 2024/01/23 08:00

You'll need the Bally Sports app or website, a compatible device, and login credentials if your cable provider supports Bally Sports in order to activate on any device.

Installing the app on your device and entering your login information with your controller will enable the standalone service., 2024/01/24 03:46

In 2007, the business opened out in Mexico, Canada, and other nations. This company is now growing internationally, with over 1840 shops spread across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Owing to a wider network, the firm introduced My Lowes Life, an employee portal that provides information to both current and past workers about the company's news, information, perks, work schedule, and much more via the website, 2024/01/24 04:37

All of the features and advantages of the Old Navy credit card are now available to all consumers who choose to apply for one in this article.All of the advantages and information about the Old Navy credit card is now available in this post for clients who wish to apply for one.

charleskenneth7689, 2024/01/24 06:33

Look at the clearance section: Lowe's frequently offers significantly reduced things in this area, ranging from overstocked to discontinued items. Look for these areas and spend some time going over the things to see if you need anything., 2024/01/25 04:42

The Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey gives you a fantastic opportunity to win gift cards worth up to $1,000. It is true that you may enter the Publix survey and enter to win up to $1,000 in gift cards simply by sharing your thoughts about the company's customer service.

walgreenslistens, 2024/01/25 04:45

The corporation seeks to gather real feedback in the form of worker conduct, Walgreenslistens, in order to maintain a client base and deliver superior customer services. Examine the store's cleanliness, merchandise, specials, and offers, as well as your ability to get frank feedback from patrons.

Walmart Survey, 2024/01/29 05:56

The official online survey administered by is the In-Store Customer Satisfaction Survey. Walmart is a well-known global retail company that lets customers express their preferences on their most recent purchases from its stores., 2024/01/30 04:46

KFC uses MyKFCExperience to collect survey data. The firm conducts this in order to verify the truthful consumer feedback. KFC needs to do something beyond just answering the questions in order for the survey to be successful., 2024/01/30 05:35

A valid My Wawa visit survey code, which is located at the bottom of the invoice, is all you need to get started. Visit mywawavisit to access the online questionnaire by entering this code. When you get there, you'll be asked about your experience and given the chance to provide input on a variety of subjects, including the environment, the calibre of the food, the cleanliness, and customer service., 2024/01/31 04:49

Your L.L. Bean credit card may be used for anything, including making monthly insurance payments and organizing trips. Because users continue get benefits while using the card, there is no yearly fee, making it largely regarded as the most effective form of public assistance. Go to and select the Register Your Card link located in the center or on the left side of the website to register your card. , 2024/01/31 06:35

All registered cardholders can access services through the MyMilestoneCard link that are officially issued by the Missouri Financial Organization in collaboration with the Genesis FS card companies. Because Milestone offers a secure online account service center for pertinent transactions, cardholders may view account data online.

Receiptify Spotify, 2024/02/01 08:14

Using song names, artists, ratings, and durations, Receiptify creates a customized “receipt” that lets users explore their musical background throughout particular time periods. To facilitate sharing, these receipts may be printed as PNG files., 2024/02/06 03:38

The company's principal headquarters is located inside US boundaries. Since its inception in 1993, the network has grown to encompass 850 sites around the United States. The business is presently shown a strong desire to assess its performance.

Nantiya, 2024/02/06 05:09

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All Taco Bell patrons now have the chance to enter to win a $500 cash prize. Are you aware of how and why? If you're unsure of the how or why, don't stress. We are here to give you all the details about the TellTheBell terms and conditions as well as the cash award.

25fox, 2024/02/12 22:17

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Home Depot Survey, 2024/02/15 04:43

Home improvement services and products are the primary emphasis of American company The Home Depot. In order to find out more about the opinions of its customers on its products and services, Home Depot has published a survey on its official website, homedepot survey.

WalgreensListens, 2024/02/16 04:44

Welcome to the official Walgreens Listens customer survey website! Click the link to access the survey. If you would like to share your thoughts with us, please feel free to participate in our Walgreens survey.

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 Mcdfoodforthoughts, 2024/02/28 05:32

MCDFoodForThoughts is the official customer survey that McDonald's asks recent visitors to the restaurant to provide their candid thoughts on their entire experience. The world-famous restaurant company McDonald's is well-known for its high-quality cuisine and ambiance.

fellonsleon, 2024/02/28 13:37

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KFC began the poll to learn more about their customers' thoughts and to improve their services even more. Customers are required to respond to a few questions in this survey based on their personal experiences. The survey has some prerequisites, which we have listed below., 2024/03/16 02:42

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