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Apollo, we have a problem...

Another Hackathon-Weekend passed by and the DSpace-Client and its backends are really shaping up nicely. A lot of code was refactored during the weekend, taking full advantage of amd, backbone and ender now. The first real-time data sharing overlay was tested successfully as well, so we managed to get a lot of the basic features we imagine to have in DSpace working.


DSpace aims to enable people to find, collect, edit, structure and share any kind of information in a real-time, massive-collaboration, augmented-reality-environment (like wikipedia), based on a very common ground: The map of the area, where people actually are, around their Geolocation.

DSpace Bootstrapping Day1

Today we managed to test the local providers, tile rendering, tile delivery and successfully consolidated the options for the next steps. We still have one seat failing on us, but it's good to know, that we all can buckle our seat-belts. It's been great fun, as always :)

DSpace Bootstrapping Day2

With more manpower and additional resources we've managed to finish refactoring the initial mockup client code to use the ender javascript “package manager” and decided to go with qwery, bean, bonzo, underscore, backbone, handlebars and domready instead of a fully bloated js framework like jquery or extjs.

DSpace Bootstrapping Hackparty Ended

3 nights and two days of hacking have come to a very successful end. It was a great experience, none of us ever participated in a hackparty/hackathon so we really didn't know how to go about it. On Friday we tried to establish a common ground and basic guidelines where to go and what to do, on Saturday we were all over the place and we mostly refined the way we are going to handle the repos and from Sunday morning we really digged into it. At this point I really want to personally thank all peop…

DSpace Development

After the fruitful session on the weekend, we used the opportunity of still being together in Munich to scheme up the new internal structure and models/views: Changes in the develop branch to follow the new model are already underway and DSpace is now an official Apollo-NG R&D project, so everything will start moving into the DSpace namespace from now on.

DSpace Development Updates

After the last collaborative hacking session on DSpace, the client developed and changed a lot. We've already integrated automated testing, using phantomjs and travis, the primary git repo changed from Apollo to github, in order to facilitate Pull-Requests and combined issue tracking. From now on, please don't push DSpace stuff to the Apollo-NG Repo's but use the github repo's as your origin. Every push to develop branch on github is automatically synced to the Apollo-NG repo and then automagica…

DSpace Introduction

A short talk introducing the ideas and concepts of DSpace and social mapping, assembled entirely on an open-source stack of modern web technologies like websockets and node.js and free/open data-providers like OpenStreetMap. The Event begins at 1700UTC with Beer and Pizza at the TNG office. Our talk is scheduled from 1900-1945UTC (2100-2145MEST) TNG Technology Consulting GmbH Betastraße 13a 85774 Unterföhring

DSpace Progress

A lot is happening and a a few more people have started to contribute their time, skills and knowledge to push DSpace into the realm of reality. Last Saturday, Niklas Cathor, also a strong supporter of federated technology, dropped by and joined the hackparty to just start hacking on moving us to amd.