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DSpace Bootstrapping Hackparty Ended

3 nights and two days of hacking have come to a very successful end. It was a great experience, none of us ever participated in a hackparty/hackathon so we really didn't know how to go about it. On Friday we tried to establish a common ground and basic guidelines where to go and what to do, on Saturday we were all over the place and we mostly refined the way we are going to handle the repos and from Sunday morning we really digged into it. At this point I really want to personally thank all people, who joined together and helped to make the hard bootstrapping of a system like this possible, by sharing their time, knowledge, resources and even food :)

All preliminary mockup code has been replaced by a beautiful model/view approach in backbone/ender.js. That should make further development much more straightforward, cleaner and faster.

A working example of the basic results of this hackparty can be viewed on:

The git repos are up and running, more information on the pad for now:


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