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3D Printer extruder PEEK insulator meltdown

[felix-extruderv4-peek-meltdown] chrono : Uhhhh, H0u5t0n, I have some good and some bad news H0u5t0n : Bad news chrono : I think we have a problem with F3l1ks H0u5t0n : Could you be a bit more specific? chrono : Well, seems as if the beige plastic element of extruder 0 melted H0u5t0n : You mean the beige PEEK insulator between the hot- and cold-end? chrono : Affirmative H0u5t0n : How did that happen? chrono : I was prepping him for a new job, manually set the target temp of …

Cable Management?

At long last the Felix 3.0B upgrade parts have finally arrived last week and the picoPrint 3D Printer underwent a complete overhaul. On Friday night the printer was completely disassembled, except for the bare frame. All printed plastic parts (V2.0) were packed away (as a backup for now) and all screws, nuts and other metallic parts took a bath in WD-40 for 24 hours and were cleaned, re-sorted and stored in the original container. Having only sunday left, the assembly of the 3.0B went up to th…

EZVD - Easy Voltage-Divider Calc-/Simulator

[EZVD Output on the console (python/ncurses)] If you want to learn more about voltage-dividers or need a tool to design/verify voltage-divider resistor selection for your next electronic engineering project, try EZVD - Easy Voltage-Divider Calc-/Simulator

EZVD - Easy Voltage-Divider Calc-/Simulator

When you migrate from just learning by copying open-source hardware designs/schematics towards creating your own electronic designs and solutions, you'll sooner or later will be confronted with the task of designing and selecting the right resistors for a certain voltage divider.

Monday Night Hacking

Tonight's work will be another live-stream, hacking on F3l1ks. After the 3D Printer extruder PEEK insulator meltdown, it seemed prudent to verify that the temperatures, shown and logged by octoprint are actually the temperatures of the bed or the hot-end.

Monday Night Hacking

Tonight's work will be another live stream hacking on F3l1ks. After the 3D Printer extruder PEEK insulator meltdown, it seemed prudent to verify that the temperatures, shown and logged by octoprint are actually the temperatures of the bed or the hot-end.

New Reflow Toaster build with picoReflow

Here is another beautiful automated reflow toaster oven build, which makes use of our open-sourced picoReflow DIY PID conrolled Reflow Oven Software and some bootstrapping concepts & ideas: <> It's great to see how the concept and software are spreading fast and spawn a whole new generation of inexpensive, modular and autonomous/remote-controlled PID temperature control approaches for all different kinds of applications, perfectly easy to a…

picoCNC - A modular fabrication robot

Hackerspaces, FabLabs and Open-Eco-Villages need tools to bootstrap their own individual environments. Although RepRaps, Makerbots and Lasercutters are more common these days, many groups are still lacking CNC routers/mills to create really solid tools or parts for bigger machines. Maybe some of the solutions presented here will inspire other groups, to build more CNC machines and extend our ability to make stuff on our own and for each other, by sharing plans how to build machines and plans for…


Heavily modded proxxon tool and stand. [picodrill-complete-with-proxxon-tools-and-footswitch] * removed all regulators from the Proxxon Tools * added RF suppression caps to the tools (standard 3 cap triangle config) * added microcontroller to control rpms via pwm to enhance low rpm torque * added three LED's for drill area lighting * added quickconnector system, tools connect their cable directly to the stand * added foot-switch that smoothly ramps up/down the drill to save power …


Building a spray etching machine, enabling the lab to fabricate double-sided pcbs. Focus on minimizing: machine area, energy consumption, volume of hazardous materials. In the end, etching pcb's should be fully automated. Design Considerations * Capacity: 2x 160x100mm (2 Eurocard PCBs) double sided * Etching Fluid Volume: 750ml (Sodium Persulfate) * Heating Element: Resistor-Wire embedded into silicone (90-135W) * VCC: 12-14V * Controller: Atmega88 * Temperature Sensor: Dallas DS18…

picoPrint 3D Printer

Every Hackerspace or FabLab needs manufacturing capabilities in order to dramatically increase the edge of research and development possibilities. Where ever we go or whatever technical problem we might encounter, we can just build the parts we or others need to solve that problem. So, in the end of 2013, we had another look at the 3D printer market and a lot seemed to have happened since the RepMan. Almost all major tinkerer suppliers had some form of 3D printer to offer ranging between 600-900…

picoPrint FrameCam Live-Feed

Whenever our little Robot has power and upstream capability you can see the live stream here. lab felix 3d-printer picofab picoprint fabrication robot

picoPrint Software Documentation

Install Gentoo Linux on Cubieboard2 Install & bootstrap crossdev $ emerge -av crossdev Create a stable armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi tool chain for the Cubieboard2: $ crossdev -S -t armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi Install and compile u-boot $ mkdir gentoo-cb2 $ cd gentoo-cb2 $ git clone $ cd u-boot-sunxi


More and more semiconductors are produced in packages (the chip's case) which have become impossible to hand solder with a solder iron. The switch from through-hole (THT) to surface mount technology (SMT) has actually made hand soldering much easier (although still many believe the opposite to be true) but now we are faced with BGA and other packaging forms which only have contacts on the bottom of the chip.


The picoUVX is a highly efficient, mobile 10W UV-Exposer unit, based on modern LED technology and a very efficient, yet simple step-up switch mode supply design, with a low conversion loss of about 7% (93% efficiency). It's the first member of the picoFab family, to make off-grid development of fine pitch PCB's possible anywhere, using just 12VDC/0.83A (10W).

Sweet: The lab got a Mitutoyo 2046 Dial-Gauge

In order to reliably calibrate any kind of mechanical system, a dial-gauge really is a necessary tool. Today our Mitutoyo 2046S arrived and will be tasked directly to calibrate the bed of our 3D printer. Mitutoyo seems to have a similar reputation level for measurement tools like Makita has for battery powered power tools: A very high price/performance ratio. The lab already carries a couple of other Mitutoyo tools, a large set of Makita tools and both have already proven themselves in terms …