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Review: Managed Low-Power Switch DGS-1100-8

In a past Mission-Log, we've reviewed the power consumption of "green" Ethernet Switches (consumer-grade/unmanaged) that could be used in off-grid environments and they performed really well. Compliant with IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet, these switches consume less energy by cutting down on power consumption when the traffic volume is low and automatically measure the length of the connected cables to adjust power usage, when cables are shorter than 20 meters. In addition, they monitor the link status of every port and drastically reduce power consumption when a port has no link. With more technology and infrastructure, the need increased for more Ethernet features like VLANs, trunks and many other features, usually offered only by expensive, loud and very power hungry managed/enterprise switches.

Luckily this situation has changed and we could test and already deploy a new pair of managed but very low power and fanless (silent) switches: The D-Link DGS-1100 Family, which also come in a sturdy metal case and with the benefit of a (limited - due to legal issues on a per country basis) lifetime warranty.

Power Consumption Analysis

For better comparison all measurement results have been put together. A couple of people have been a bit unhappy, that we've only documented power consumption on the DC side in the past review (which is all we care about for off-grid usage). As a result, we've documented DC and Wall-Power consumption with the original D-Link AC/DC plug.


Wall-Power was measured using this device. DC consumption was measured with our Portapow USB Powermeter, which also has a connection kit for barrel connectors.

For better comparison, we've tested the same set of scenarios as in the first test to keep results as comparable as possible.


DGS-1008D G2 DGS-1008D G3 DGS-1100-8 Rev A1
Clients Mode 5V DC Current 5V DC Power 5V DC Current 5V DC Power 5V DC Current 5V DC Power 230V AC Power
0 Switch only 66-93mA 0.33-0.46W 67-111mA 0.33-0.55W 105mA 0.52W 0.8W
1 Client Stdby 100-160mA 0.5-0.8W 109-124mA 0.54-0.62W 131mA 0.65W 1W
2 Client Stdby 141-194mA 0.70-0.97W 153-161mA 0.76-0.80W 154mA 0.77W 1.1W
2 Client Idle 160-200mA 0.8-1W 170mA 0.85W 212mA 1.06W 1.5W
3 Client SCP 250mA 1.25W 210-220mA 1.07W 238mA 1.2W 1.7W
4 Client SCP 250mA 1.25W 210-220mA 1.07W 264mA 1.32W 1.9W

Reliability & Performance

The DGS-1100-8 test candidates have been up and running 24×7 for more than 365 days now without any glitch or the necessity to power cycle. These switches are configured/updated entirely through a webUI (default IP is - admin/admin) and offer no ssh/CLI access. Until now that hasn't been much of a problem because everything needed could be configured via browser.

When you make changes to the configuration in the web-interface, make sure to click the “Save Configuration” button in the top left menu to actually save your changes to non-volatile RAM. Otherwise the next power cycle will wipe your config changes :)

Under the Hood


d-link-dgs-1100-8-board-top d-link-dgs-1100-8-board-bottom

Serial Console


There is some sort of serial console on J1 (576008N1)

==========Loader: 1.0.13 (Build: Apr 10 2013, 13:51:22)==========
[Loader] dummy_init......

==========Loader start===========
Press any key to start the normal procedure.
To run SPI flash viewer, press [v]
To enforce the download of the runtime kernel, press [ESC] 
    Check Runtime Image.....
    Chksum Correct!
    RunTime Kernel Starting....  
[FW] dummy_flash_toCache......
sal_sys_config_restore()DHCPC is disabled.

==========Runtime: 1.10.030 (Build: Oct 17 2014, 12:18:16)==========
### dummy_init......OK! 


If you need a manageable Switch, which requires almost no electricity and is absolutely silent since there are no fans in it, the D-Link DGS-1100 series is a serious candidate for you. Recommended Buy.


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