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  • StatusClosed
  • OP-ModePre-Launch
  • LocationN48 - E11
  • Localtime19:27
  • CountdownT-00D 00:00

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My favorite place to watch the sun set: The ISS

The sight of a setting sun is always an inspiring and comforting observation to me, much more so at about 400 km above the surface of the earth at a speed of about 27.000 km/h: On the ISS. Since I caught a nice one yesterday, I wanted to share the experience with you:

If you're currently located in central europe, watch the sky, once the sun has set. We currently have a very favorable ISS orbit to terminator crossing constellation, there should be another couple of days where we can see them fly by, with a little luck even more than one time, depending on your location.

Mission-Log entry created by chrono on 2015/04/21 05:58 UTC


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