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BX48 Prommer generously provided by Batronix GmbH

The new Batronix BX48 Batego is an extremely powerful, compact and easy to use universal programmer, that also comes with Linux support. After 3 failed attempts with different Galep-Prommers to write an eprom, Andre Bauer, managing director of Batronix, was kind enough to sponsor one of these nifty devices for Apollo-NG's R&D Lab. Thanks a million, Andre!


testfe80:77ab:89f4:74a9:ba5d:7cc2:4fd7:06b3, 2012/07/24 17:21

necesito la instalacion del batromix

chrono, 2012/07/24 20:31

Hi Luis,

what exactly do you need? You can download the Programming-Software for many OS from Or do you need to know how to install the software? That depends on a lot of circumstances and although I'd love to give you support on Batronix behalf, I need to know what OS you are using and what you want to do.

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