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VServer generously provided by netcup GmbH

Due to the financial strain, this whole project has to suffer, it became obvious to ask other people for their generous help. It is probably much easier for a project to get other people interested, when it can already offer something more than just a guy with an idea and nothing else, not even a webpage to get more information.

As a matter of consequence I went and wrote to 10 companies in Europe, providing relatively cheap VServer boxes, to have basic HTTP/SMTP services while Apollo is off-grid, like a virtual base camp. Off these 10 companies, only 2 replied and both that did, are rather small, owner operated companies.

Oliver Werner, one of the two executive managers at netcup GmbH asked for a little more detailed description and after that, they've decided to donate one of their mid-range VServer packages for the project. Thanks a lot, for believing in just an idea and giving your support to help making it possible.


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