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SpaceX Starlink Skytrain Prediction

After a long time, xfce-planet received some overhaul. ISS station mapping was fixed and SpaceX's Starlink Constellation was added right after the last launch of another 60 new satellites:

SpaceX Starlink Skytrain in xfce-planet

If SpaceX will be as successful with Starlink as they have shown themselves to be with introducing a new era of spaceflight and rocket engineering (Falcon Series) in general, Starlink may become a great low latency internet solution for many people in rural and other areas which lack cable- or wireless-infrastructure (terrestrial) services.

It's simply not economically viable to bring “traditional” internet access service to huge parts of the planet and thus far, satellite internet has been a nightmare of high latency due to the geostationary nature of the birds at 35000 km away and of course, high prices. From our oceans to deserts and taigas and tundras, as soon as we leave urban areas we are quickly cut off the internet. Starlink could really change all that.

However, the constellation is not without controversy:

Yesterday evening at 1700UTC the skytrain was clearly visible from Munich, an over 7 minute awesome event to see them going above like pearls on a string flying past the moon and into orion…

In order to watch it grow, the Starlink Orbit has been added as another sat layer in, which rendered the above image.

The development is no tracked as a video series, latest version here, check the mission log for more updates and follow the Apollo-NG channel on LBRY

P.S.: Elon, if you need alpha/beta testing, right here buddy!


fe80:151f:c300:6abd:e489:e3a7:922b:4b43, 2020/05/07 14:34

This worked out really nice.

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