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Maximum assembly height

The complete assembly of rotor and mast should not be higher than 10 m. If regional communities permit higher masts, the maximum height must not exceed 20m, to avoid national and ICAO air traffic security issues and legal obligations to carry warning lights and report about their functionality.




<math>F_{pole} = \frac{1}{2} \times \rho \times C_d \times A_{wind} \times v_{wind}^2</math>

<math>\rho</math> Rho
<math>C_d</math> Coefficient of drag = 1.0 (cylinder Re > 100)
<math>A_{wind}</math> Area of turbine = 4 m²
<math>v_{wind}</math> Wind speed in m/s

Mast Construction

Define a common mast/shaft/bearing system that is sturdy, resilient, easy to handle and as simple & cheap as possible and reasonable to build


  • Define common shaft dimensions and interfaces for easy rotor/generator interchangeability

Bearing: old wheel bearings from the automotive sector may be suitable. not plastic covered -RS type (Rubber Sealed), but ZZ type, with steel covers on both sides..