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4k HDD Partition Alignment Primer

Although HDD storage densities have increased dramatically over the years, one of the most elemental aspects of hard disk drive design, the logical block format size known as a sector, has remained constant. Beginning in late 2009, accelerating in 2010 and hitting mainstream in 2011, all major manufacturers are migrating away from the legacy sector size of 512 bytes to a larger, more efficient sector size of 4096 bytes, generally referred to as 4k or AF (Advanced Format).

GeoIP Database Magic-Safety-Updater

In the past several months it sometimes just so happened, that the geoipupdate tool, available on many GNU/Linux systems to update MaxMind's GeoIP databases just failed. It exited fine but left a corrupt database, unreadable to the application depending on it. In this particular environment, GeoIP lookup is a mission-critical dependency, so it was time to come up with a little cron/logger/geoipupdate assisted bash magic, to update MaxMind's GeoIP Databases automatically and with two fallback saf…

HOWTO - Update Zebra Printer Firmware on Linux

In case you're in the field and confronted with the task to update a Zebra Printer's Firmware but don't want (or can't) use Zebra's windows-only ZDownloader or Zebra Setup Utilities (both don't seem to work from within Wine) - don't worry: It's actually way easier than it is on Windows and requires only two tools you should have installed on any GNU/Linux or UNIX system anyways: unzip and netcat.

Off-Board build-environment for ARM

To compile your own image you have to build a toolchain able to produce binary files that can run on the Netus G20. It's powered by a ARM926EJ-S™ ARM® Thumb® Processor, which means that you have to prepare a (cross)compiler for ARMV5TE architecture. Although it's possible to compile a lot of packages on the SKU itself, it's far more convenient and faster to compile the packages on a more powerful system

Personal Log: Digital Exorcism

When you leave the commercial/proprietary software ecosphere and jump into open-source operating systems, you will have to learn how to handle daemons. And once you've created a couple of those daemons yourself, taught them what to do and let them work in production, you gain a lot of experience and confidence in dealing with all kinds of daemons.

Random numbers: The fast and the furious

The expression security = usability-1 can be interpreted in many ways. Either things become far too complicated, so that regular users just don't want to be bothered with them or the amount of energy it takes to complete a security-related task is just insane.

Ubuntu IPv4-IPv6 Dual-Stack name resolution fix

In case you're up to date and want to offer v4 and v6 services in order to promote v6 you may have run into the issue, that apt-get and git and a lot of other programs on your box won't work properly anymore. The main reason why this is happening, is that many upstream services already resolve AAAA but the services attached are not properly configured. Ubuntu's repos are one of the best examples for that. Apt-get failed on half of their own hostnames because it used v6 by default. The solution i…