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Active Wideband Receiver Antenna for your SDR

Software Defined Radio (SDR) has finally reached a much broader mass of people, who wanted to play with RF technology, but didn't find the time or resources to learn all necessary skills, to build a hardware based radio. Thanks to the work of the GNU-Radio and OsmoCom developer crowd, this barrier is finally gone and everyone can, more or less, directly access, what the antenna receives.

Carbon suppliers in Germany

One of the most time consuming aspects of many DIY projects is identifying and sourcing materials. Living in a globalized world and having the ability to link everything online has made this a lot easier. Today, it is by far much more convenient and budget friendly to directly shop in Asia, cutting out all of the so called “added value” (which is just a nice euphemism for making stuff artificially expensive to the end user, so that politicians can claim to “create jobs” and society can try to ke…

Elonics E4000 complete reference documents leaked

Good news for anyone playing and developing cheap SDR technology with the Elonics E4000 (e4k) tuner chip: Until now, working with the chip has mostly been guesswork and trial and error through reverse engineering, in order to get the SDR's to work. Today the complete Elonics E4000 reference documentation was leaked, so grab and mirror the e4k datasheets and application notes, while they are hot and available:

picoCNC - A modular fabrication robot

Hackerspaces, FabLabs and Open-Eco-Villages need tools to bootstrap their own individual environments. Although RepRaps, Makerbots and Lasercutters are more common these days, many groups are still lacking CNC routers/mills to create really solid tools or parts for bigger machines. Maybe some of the solutions presented here will inspire other groups, to build more CNC machines and extend our ability to make stuff on our own and for each other, by sharing plans how to build machines and plans for…

The Illuminator - A LED Light built from trash

Building things can be a lot of fun. Even more so, if the parts you use are things, that other people threw away. A while ago, the workbench needed a more appropriate lighting and 3 Luxeon 1W LEDs were lying around in the MISC box, other parts were collected from trash found in containers.

UmTRX publicly released

The UmTRX is a dual-channel, wide-band SDR transceiver (so it can send & receive) with 1GbE connection. It is developed by Fairwaves team to be used as a transceiver for OpenBTS GSM base stations, but due to its software defined nature, it could be used for many other radio applications as well.