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AirVPN sponsors VPN Tunnel Package

AirVPN is a VPN service provider operated by activists and hacktivists in defence of net neutrality, privacy and against censorship. We want to thank all people behind the scenes of AirVPN who make sure the service operates as flawlessly and reliable as it does and for your generosity to grant us a sponsored package for each module. Now the Odyssey and the Aquarius have independent, secure and anonymous internet access for the crew and people using the Apollo-NG network infrastructure.

The AirVPN service has been tested extensively over the last couple of weeks and we could reliably achieve about 100MBit/s downstream and about 6MBit/s upstream through the tunnel. For each zone and exit server you can download specific OpenVPN configurations for all common operating systems in your account panel.

It is very easy to implement and will protect you against DNS blocks and the growing risk of being targeted by lawyers and other criminal entities who design, use and abuse the flaws in the system and the stupidity and ignorance of judges in order to blackmail you. Even though in the end you may be innocent, it is your time, your days and your weeks that are being lost for ever while you are forced into a situation where you have to prove that you are innocent (which may be hard to do) or just give up and pay directly. A VPN tunnel is a good shield against this growing number of malpracticing lawyers. And yeah, you can watch more stuff on youtube, by choosing the appropriate exit location :)

It will also make the job for NSA/GHCQ much more complicated. Of course with xKeyscore they will very likely still be able to fish you out of the meta data based on your specific personal profile, which pages your regularly access on the net and so on. But at least the contents will be encrypted and provide much better forward secrecy and increases agency operating costs.

So our thanks go to the AirVPN team, that we can finally breathe free internet air again.

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