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TAG: xfce-planet

Global Cloudmap Distribution Service Disruption

[Last available cloudmap from 2015-12-04] In case you're one of those people using xfce-planet or otherwise depend on our global cloudmap service (introduced here), you'll probably already have noticed that the image wasn't updated for 6 days now. The service itself is running on our side, but it seems as if MTSAT (covering 145E) doesn't send any more images since 2015-12-04. We'll try to get some more information about the outage to provide fresh, free and silky-smooth cloudmaps for everyone a…

Iridium Pager Hacking @ 31C3

When you're at this year's Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) and interested in RF/satellite hacking, you should make sure to find your way to Saal 1 on Day 2 at 16:45 (localtime) to enjoy Sec/schneider's talk about Iridium Pager Hacking. After seeing xfce-planet in action @MUCCC, Sec used it to create this awesome timelapse video for more presentation eye-candy, showing all Iridium satellite positions and orbits. Very nice idea indeed!

Open and fresh global cloudmaps for the planet

Back in the early 90's, when I first tried GNU/Linux, there weren't many things I could really do with my X session, due to lack of knowledge, skill, confidence and available open-source software. However, I did play with xearth, a program that renders a somewhat accurate image of our planet. A couple of years later it was replaced by xplanet which offered a lot more features and eye-candy options.

SpaceX Starlink Skytrain Prediction

After a long time, xfce-planet received some overhaul. ISS station mapping was fixed and SpaceX's Starlink Constellation was added right after the last launch of another 60 new satellites: [SpaceX Starlink Skytrain in xfce-planet] If SpaceX will be as successful with Starlink as they have shown themselves to be with introducing a new era of spaceflight and rocket engineering (Falcon Series) in general, Starlink may become a great low latency internet solution for many people in rural and other…