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BX48 Prommer generously provided by Batronix GmbH

The new Batronix BX48 Batego is an extremely powerful, compact and easy to use universal programmer, that also comes with Linux support. After 3 failed attempts with different Galep-Prommers to write an eprom, Andre Bauer, managing director of Batronix, was kind enough to sponsor one of these nifty devices for Apollo-NG's R&D Lab. Thanks a million, Andre!

External-Antenna Hack for TP-Link TL-MR3020

Hacking devices always comes with the risk of breaking them in the process, which makes it often undesirable to hack on something, when you know, that you only have one device you may need for production purposes. Luckily, cosmo had a look at the Apollo-NG Wishlist and donated one more TL-MR3020 for the cause and as a result, it was pretty easy to figure out how to connect an external antenna to the TL-MR3020.

GPS Modules & DevKits generously provided by uBlox

Even the earliest Apollo-NG design drafts already included multiple GPS dependencies for a number of subsystems. Apart from obvious navigation assistance, GPS will also discipline the reference clock module and the 10MHz reference oscillator module GPSDO. The first prototype was hacked around an old Rockwell/Connexant Jupiter TU30-420-031 GPS receiver, found on eBay.

VServer generously provided by netcup GmbH

Due to the financial strain, this whole project has to suffer, it became obvious to ask other people for their generous help. It is probably much easier for a project to get other people interested, when it can already offer something more than just a guy with an idea and nothing else, not even a webpage to get more information.

Watterott-Electronic sponsors Hardware

Buying Sparkfun products and being in europe always was a little bit annoying due to shipping times & customs hassle. Stephan Watterott, CEO of Watterott-Electronic, offers many sparkfun products and other greatly hackable devices and components in his Shop, shipped directly from Germany.