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Generating Entropy From Radioactive Decay With PiGI

Continuing on the final aspect of JamesT's very nice exploration of PiGI, we want to further examine the possibilities to create randomness from the output of a Geiger-counter. Of course we are using a PiGI as testbed for our experiments. True randomness, in the sense of “provably unpredictable” is not easily available on a computer. Good arguments can be made that the available sources of entropy like clock jitter, floating analog inputs, network traffic etc, combined with the algorithmic magi…

Personal Log: PiGI Testing

Some time ago i stumbled upon the PiGI project, joined the chatroom and somehow convinced chrono to send me a prototype board. Thanks for that! So here will be a summary of my testing of the PiGI. The Geiger-Mueller-Tube I bought an old russian SBM-20 tube on ebay for 26$ and soldered some cable to both ends and isolated the ends with heat-shrink tubing. Then i soldered it to my PiGI with some leads that I thougt had sufficient isolation for high voltages.

PiGI Software Hacking & Hackathon

For the last couple of days we've been really busy pushing the pyGI/webGI software suite that goes alongside the PiGI to make it a really useful geiger counter and we're very proud and happy to show you some of our preliminary results. Our goal was simple: Build the most cost-effective, non-profit, open-source geiger counter and offer more features with an easy to use interface than any other commercially available solution. Even now in the early states we already have achieved that goal.

Random numbers: The fast and the furious

The expression security = usability-1 can be interpreted in many ways. Either things become far too complicated, so that regular users just don't want to be bothered with them or the amount of energy it takes to complete a security-related task is just insane.