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ER16/11 Collet-Chucks for PicoCNC spindle arrived

Leave it to the Chinese, to come up with good quality products, completely unavailable anywhere else, for a really awesome price. After 3 weeks of waiting, the collet-chucks (ER11 & ER16) for the picoCNC - A modular fabrication robot spindle finally arrived directly from Hong-Kong:

HOWTO disassemble a brushless outrunner motor

Shortly after the ER16/11 Collet-Chucks for PicoCNC spindle arrived, the brushless outrunner motors for this project followed suit. After closer inspection, both motors appear to be as equal as their datasheets suggested so the first prototype will be assembled with the brandless 50EUR C5045 890KV brushless outrunner (the red/black one on the right).

picoCNC - A modular fabrication robot

Hackerspaces, FabLabs and Open-Eco-Villages need tools to bootstrap their own individual environments. Although RepRaps, Makerbots and Lasercutters are more common these days, many groups are still lacking CNC routers/mills to create really solid tools or parts for bigger machines. Maybe some of the solutions presented here will inspire other groups, to build more CNC machines and extend our ability to make stuff on our own and for each other, by sharing plans how to build machines and plans for…

Sweet: The lab got a Mitutoyo 2046 Dial-Gauge

In order to reliably calibrate any kind of mechanical system, a dial-gauge really is a necessary tool. Today our Mitutoyo 2046S arrived and will be tasked directly to calibrate the bed of our 3D printer. Mitutoyo seems to have a similar reputation level for measurement tools like Makita has for battery powered power tools: A very high price/performance ratio. The lab already carries a couple of other Mitutoyo tools, a large set of Makita tools and both have already proven themselves in terms …