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Aquarius (Landing-Module)

Vehicle The Aquarius (LM) is a trailer, pulled by the Odyssey (CM) to a designated deployment area. It will serve as a means of transporting all the tools and infrastructure while travelling from one location to another and as a combined workspace/habitat for hackerspace/fablab operation.


The goal of this project is to develop a robust, versatile and resource-effective biomass micro-gasifier by combining a controlled-draft TLUD (Top-Lit Up-Draft) gasifier with an array of TEGs (Thermo Electric Generators) and a microcontroller to optimize the gasification process.

Is burning wood bad?

So called “environmentalists” often claim that burning wood is “evil” but mostly forget in their argument, that domestic energy has to be produced somehow for humankind to survive. There is nothing evil about burning wood, quite the opposite in fact, wood can be a renewable energy source, when used properly. Simply put: To keep it sustainable, it's important not to burn more wood than nature is able to reproduce (i.e. grow trees) and to increase the amount of usable energy that can be harvested.…

The evolution of fire

Open Fire Stove Hobo/Rocket-Stove <> TLUD Natural Draft (ND) Forced Draft (FD) Controlled Draft (CD) energy helios research tlud biomass