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Call for help

Although all other vehicles/systems that were planned have been organized/invented, one major piece is still missing:

  • Aquarius (Landing Module)

The most ideal trailer for this mission seems to be a 4-wheel fridge/freezer cargo container as it offers the maximum payload capacity and also comes insulated be default which will drastically reduce energy costs to keep a tolerable climate within the vehicle in warm and cold regions.

Need to have

Apollo-NG Base System

Odyssey (CM)

Prio Item Price # Shop
3 UMTS/LTE Sponsorship - Backup Internet ? 1 ?

Aquarius (LM)

Prio Item Price # Shop
1 Main Battery 430 EUR 1 Winner Proteus 260Ah AGM
2 250Wp PV Modules 500 EUR 4 Sanyo HIT-H250E01



Prio Item Price # Shop
2 Vector Network Analyzer 534 GBP 1 DG8SAQ USB VNWA 3+
1 Infrared Thermometer 300 EUR 1 GEO-Fennel FIRT 1600


Machine Prototyping

Prio Item Price # Shop
3 1W BlueRay laser diode 63.90 EUR 1 1000mW (1W) Laserdiode 445nm
3 High Power Laser output lens 74.90 EUR 1 405-G1 Bluray Output Lens
3 UV/Blue/Green Protective Eye-Wear 25.90 EUR 2 Laser protection glasses

Media & Production

Prio Item Price # Shop
1 Audio Field Recorder 399 EUR 1 Roland R-26

Nice to have