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Science > Superstition

The Apollo-NG project has gained a lot of street/net credit and credibility over the years, so that ever more often people come out of nowhere, asking questions and looking for advice because they know that they won't get the usual bullshit when doing so. It doesn't matter if it may appear “weird” or “strange” to someone, as long it's an honest question and the basic mental ability to eventually accept results which may be flagged unacceptable by indoctrinated faith/believe/superstition constructs in the brain.

Since we have nothing to sell in order to gain profit, we have no dog in anyone's fight, therefore we can just freely hack around and strive to find the maximum degree of acceptable, objective “truth” as best as we can, with as much reason and practical/empiric verification as possible, with however little means we have. And by sharing what we have learned, we all gain lightning fast distribution of the current state of knowledge (not necessarily the ultimate truth, if it exists), practical approaches to copy and give more people a chance not to fall into the deep and in hindsight often more than embarrassing deadlock of a new religion: “Tin-Foilism”.

In times where practically the whole body of society is trained from early days to lie, deceit and pretend to be accepted by social peers, to “make a career” or to simply get laid while at the same time the internet has made it much harder to hide and bury the continuous stream of humongous lies from marketing/industry and politicians, it's no wonder why we have so many people with troubled mindsets, whose believe-system has been shattered, looking for answers and something else to believe in.

You don't longer believe in the devil (good), you don't longer believe (in) press/government/system (not necessarily bad) and you find tons of spooky and very elaborate/scientific sounding theories on the net, where you can get lost for months, following links and absorbing more seemingly related stuff, that gives you something like comfort, a fundamental understanding why things appear as bad as they may, which you can easily digest and choose to believe in.

We're facing real problems and much work lies ahead of us. Having people believe in chemtrails, a flat earth, HAARP as an earthquake weapon, HAARP as a mind-control weapon, the Chair of Montauk or any of the other thousands, absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theories makes asking really critical questions virtually impossible, because then everyone is directly associated and stamped a “conspiracy theorist” with a high risk of being subjected to approved chemical lobotomy in a mental facility, “helping” you to get rid of your sick and abnormal thoughts. Luckily, ever more often, people like Edward Snowden come forward and help by establishing that what others declared “paranoid delusions of sociopaths” and wild conspiracy theories were actually even worse and much more pervasive than originally assumed.


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