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Aquarius (Landing-Module)

Vehicle The Aquarius (LM) is a trailer, pulled by the Odyssey (CM) to a designated deployment area. It will serve as a means of transporting all the tools and infrastructure while travelling from one location to another and as a combined workspace/habitat for hackerspace/fablab operation.


* Multi-Stacking Modules * Build a common model for generator scaling according to rotor size * The generator module should always be at the bottom of the mast, reducing the top load of the mast and also making the generator more accessible for maintenance.


Standard-Parameters Maximum assembly height The complete assembly of rotor and mast should not be higher than 10 m. If regional communities permit higher masts, the maximum height must not exceed 20m, to avoid national and ICAO air traffic security issues and legal obligations to carry warning lights and report about their functionality.


Compared to drag-only type rotors (Savonius), lift-only type rotors (Darrieus) have been proven to be generally less suitable for low wind environments since they're difficult to start up. The maximum speed of drag-only type rotors is always lower than a comparable lift-only type rotor, because a lift-only type rotor can rotate faster than the wind speed at the tips but with less torque. However, the Gorlov rotor with a NACA 0015 airfoil may be a very well suited lift-type rotor for small-scale,…


The Tiny Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is a prototyping model for the Zephyr Wind-Park Construction Kit. Prototyping Gathering the material for the first prototypes. Do you have something available for this project? Please add yourself to this list and describe the parts, tools or experience you have to share.


Megawatt scale HAWT grid-tie windparks are operating at optimum height in specific areas, with strong and mostly continuous winds. This makes their development, construction and maintenance very labor- and resource-intensive projects and causes much inflexibility in the process of finding a suitable location for deployment and operation.