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DSpace aims to enable people to find, collect, edit, structure and share any kind of information in a real-time, massive-collaboration, augmented-reality-environment (like wikipedia), based on a very common ground: The map of the area, where people actually are, around their Geolocation.

DSpace Introduction

A short talk introducing the ideas and concepts of DSpace and social mapping, assembled entirely on an open-source stack of modern web technologies like websockets and node.js and free/open data-providers like OpenStreetMap. The Event begins at 1700UTC with Beer and Pizza at the TNG office. Our talk is scheduled from 1900-1945UTC (2100-2145MEST) TNG Technology Consulting GmbH Betastraße 13a 85774 Unterföhring

Sharing is caring - not tracking

Operating and providing a website for a project always inherently leads to finding ways, to let more people know about your content. Social media bookmarking is a great way to do just that. But, as every so often, many people compromise comfort for reasonable security, including some javascript $social_media_provider offers to easily integrate it, allowing $social_media_provider to track each visit a user makes on any other website, that includes just the button/badge. Most users aren't even awa…