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FOSS Data-Logging for Junsi iCharger

Batteries in general and lithium based batteries in particular require special attention, when it comes to charging and balancing. For this reason, the lab has a Junsi iCharger 1010B+, which offers a complete battery management solution for virtually every battery technology out there and some non-battery related features as well (like DC-Motor burn-in and foam-cutting programs).

Learning to build a simple metric scraper robot

I know that we usually fly over webpages just scanning text for keywords and structural bits and pieces of information, with the least amount of attention we can spare. We often don't really read anymore. But today I would like you to slow down, take a moment, get your favorite beverage and sit down to actually read this, because a part of my current work presented a perfect opportunity to go into learning, knowledge transfer, inspiration and of course the misconception of originality as well.

Position to Timezone Tracking

The task seems trivial at first glance: Develop a system that automagically identifies the timezone of Odyssey (Command-Module)'s current position and changes the timezone as soon as a timezone-border is crossed accordingly. It proved to be a bit more difficult, since time borders are not systematic, but chaotic, following political (national) borders, making a simple mapping almost impossible or at least very costly in terms of performance and maintenance (time borders and DST usage change of…

Project Release: UCSSPM

The Unified Clear-Sky Solar output Prediction Model is an open-source clear-sky prediction model, incorporating math algorithms based on latest research by the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a few veteran but still valid and publicly available NOAA/NASA computations. It has been around for a while but received a major revision, code refactoring and got bumped to primary project status, since it's becoming an essential tool in predicting…

Unified Clear-Sky Solar output Prediction Model

Using the sun as a sustainable energy source isn't really a new invention. Plants have been relying on it for millions of years and have developed and optimized the process of photosynthesis over a very long bio-evolutionary period. Almost everybody appreciates the comfort, when it's warm and the sun is shining but we very often forget how hard our ability to actually survive as a species, is linked to solar output: