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3D Printer Hacking - Carbon as a printing bed surface

This is going to be very experimental and sorry for the short notice :) Since we now have a relatively efficient video stream relaying capability thanks to mjpeg-relay and a highly anticipated set of carbon sheets arrived today, it is time to remove the Kapton-Tape from the the 3D printer and replace it with a 0.5 mm carbon sheet. So, if you're interested, put on some music you like and watch the process live on picoPrint FrameCam Live-Feed.

My favorite place to watch the sun set: The ISS

The sight of a setting sun is always an inspiring and comforting observation to me, much more so at about 400 km above the surface of the earth at a speed of about 27.000 km/h: On the ISS. Since I caught a nice one yesterday, I wanted to share the experience with you: