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Emerge gentoo crossdev avr-gcc for Arduino and Cura

In order to update the firmware of our 3D printer for dual head extrusion and to compile Cura (an alternative gcode slicer) a working AVR crossdev toolchain was needed. The printer firmware uses the Arduino toolkit so the dependency was obvious, the Cura build unfortunately needs a working avr-gcc as well (not that obvious), because it also ships with Ultimaker firmware, which cannot be disabled, even if you don't have an Ultimaker (kinda stupid).

Off-Board build-environment for ARM

To compile your own image you have to build a toolchain able to produce binary files that can run on the Netus G20. It's powered by a ARM926EJ-S™ ARM® Thumb® Processor, which means that you have to prepare a (cross)compiler for ARMV5TE architecture. Although it's possible to compile a lot of packages on the SKU itself, it's far more convenient and faster to compile the packages on a more powerful system

OnePlus One - Automount MTP device with Gentoo

Since the Android folks decided that MTP should be the way to connect Android devices via USB I ran into some trouble while trying to get comfortable access to the OnePlus One. There are a couple of forum threads and blog entries out there how to hack some udev rules and use scripts that try to automount the MTPFS. Some recommend mtpfs others use go-mtpfs or jmtpfs. I've tried them all and the result was still not what I wanted to have. Why can't I just plug it in and have it pop up in thunar, l…

picoPrint Software Documentation

Install Gentoo Linux on Cubieboard2 Install & bootstrap crossdev $ emerge -av crossdev Create a stable armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi tool chain for the Cubieboard2: $ crossdev -S -t armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi Install and compile u-boot $ mkdir gentoo-cb2 $ cd gentoo-cb2 $ git clone $ cd u-boot-sunxi

Random numbers: The fast and the furious

The expression security = usability-1 can be interpreted in many ways. Either things become far too complicated, so that regular users just don't want to be bothered with them or the amount of energy it takes to complete a security-related task is just insane.