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Pelton-Turbine calculations

ParameterSymbol/RelationshipUnitNotesJetspeedm/sDue to friction losses the jet will be 2-4% slowerHeight/Headm Earth Gravitationm/s²9,81 m/s²Turbine RPMrad/sOptimum RPM is about 2-10% lowerJet-Turbine RadiusmCenter axis to cup centerJet cross-sectionm²adjusted by nozzleWater volumem³/s Jet diameterm Cup heightm+/- 12% tolerance in construction energy pelton turbine


Compared to drag-only type rotors (Savonius), lift-only type rotors (Darrieus) have been proven to be generally less suitable for low wind environments since they're difficult to start up. The maximum speed of drag-only type rotors is always lower than a comparable lift-only type rotor, because a lift-only type rotor can rotate faster than the wind speed at the tips but with less torque. However, the Gorlov rotor with a NACA 0015 airfoil may be a very well suited lift-type rotor for small-scale,…