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SpaceX Starlink Constellation Video

Latest Visualization of SpaceX Starlink Orbit Conestellation. Please enjoy. spacex starlink skytrain satellite xplanet xfce-planet

SpaceX Starlink Constellation Video

Following the latest SpaceX Starlink Mission launch of Group 7 of the Starlink constellation, here's a new visualization, this time as a video. It should be noted that this is not some “artist rendering” but showing the real orbital movement of 2020-04-24 beginning at about 1830 UTC with 12x speed, including the new, still tightly packed Group 7 “Skytrain”:

SpaceX Starlink Skytrain Prediction

After a long time, xfce-planet received some overhaul. ISS station mapping was fixed and SpaceX's Starlink Constellation was added right after the last launch of another 60 new satellites: [SpaceX Starlink Skytrain in xfce-planet] If SpaceX will be as successful with Starlink as they have shown themselves to be with introducing a new era of spaceflight and rocket engineering (Falcon Series) in general, Starlink may become a great low latency internet solution for many people in rural and other…