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TAG: devops

Elasticsearch Garbage Collector

If you're using Elasticsearch you'll sooner or later have to deal with diskspace issues. The setup I currently have to manage gathers 200 to 300 million docs per 24 hours and a solution was needed to always guarantee enough free diskspace so that Elasticsearch wouldn't fail.

GeoIP Database Magic-Safety-Updater

In the past several months it sometimes just so happened, that the geoipupdate tool, available on many GNU/Linux systems to update MaxMind's GeoIP databases just failed. It exited fine but left a corrupt database, unreadable to the application depending on it. In this particular environment, GeoIP lookup is a mission-critical dependency, so it was time to come up with a little cron/logger/geoipupdate assisted bash magic, to update MaxMind's GeoIP Databases automatically and with two fallback saf…

Ubuntu IPv4-IPv6 Dual-Stack name resolution fix

In case you're up to date and want to offer v4 and v6 services in order to promote v6 you may have run into the issue, that apt-get and git and a lot of other programs on your box won't work properly anymore. The main reason why this is happening, is that many upstream services already resolve AAAA but the services attached are not properly configured. Ubuntu's repos are one of the best examples for that. Apt-get failed on half of their own hostnames because it used v6 by default. The solution i…

Virtual Flight Control Center now public

In order to have total system control for crew/guests and to be more transparent about the technology and infrastructure in use and to give people another way to get into the detailed aspects and challenges of this project, the Virtual Flight Control Center (VFCC) is now open to the public. This is just a first step, as more technology is implemented, the VFCC will have more features. It's a little bit early in the projects timeline but became necessary as a proving ground for the UCSSPM.