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TAG: arduino

Emerge gentoo crossdev avr-gcc for Arduino and Cura

In order to update the firmware of our 3D printer for dual head extrusion and to compile Cura (an alternative gcode slicer) a working AVR crossdev toolchain was needed. The printer firmware uses the Arduino toolkit so the dependency was obvious, the Cura build unfortunately needs a working avr-gcc as well (not that obvious), because it also ships with Ultimaker firmware, which cannot be disabled, even if you don't have an Ultimaker (kinda stupid).

HOWTO: Set up and secure a local Spark-Core Cloud

It took quite a bit of tinkering and a couple of clarifying sessions on IRC (Thanks to lbt and aholler for their input and support), to deploy the local Spark-Cloud test setup and interpret/abstract the scattered docs into one whole system view model. But why go through all this hassle, when you can just comfortably use the “official” cloud service to develop & manage your cores instantly?

Personal Log: PiGI Testing

Some time ago i stumbled upon the PiGI project, joined the chatroom and somehow convinced chrono to send me a prototype board. Thanks for that! So here will be a summary of my testing of the PiGI. The Geiger-Mueller-Tube I bought an old russian SBM-20 tube on ebay for 26$ and soldered some cable to both ends and isolated the ends with heat-shrink tubing. Then i soldered it to my PiGI with some leads that I thougt had sufficient isolation for high voltages.

Reminder: Gotta get more Spark Cores

I followed the Kickstarter campaign for a while but then I almost forgot about the Spark Core, which have finally become available. At first glance, the HW design looks solid and it comes with a complete open-source stack, including the hardware design, the firmware for the STM32 and infrastructure/server components.