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Aquarius (Landing-Module)

Vehicle The Aquarius (LM) is a trailer, pulled by the Odyssey (CM) to a designated deployment area. It will serve as a means of transporting all the tools and infrastructure while travelling from one location to another and as a combined workspace/habitat for hackerspace/fablab operation.

Motor-Porn: Honda GX25 moved into new APU rig

What started out as a simple thread on a mobile-home board, ended up in more than 50 pages of discussion about a neat and small generator project based on a Honda GX25 and a Torcman 430-30 brushless outrunner motor. Some people always seem to ask, why anyone would build something like that, if they could get more output power for less money from a ready made product? Because available products don't really match the requirements and why would anyone pay money for something one actually doesn't r…