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 <​html><​img src="​https://​​_media/​apollo-vehicle.png" ​ alt="​Apollo-NG Hackerspacecraft"/></​html>​ <​html><​img src="​https://​​_media/​apollo-vehicle.png" ​ alt="​Apollo-NG Hackerspacecraft"/></​html>​
-The use of wisdomscientific development continue to createexploreupdatethe way. To change the "​consumption of resources"​ for the development of the existing system. The use of "​data ​resources" conversion "​virtual ​resources"from the "​virtual resources"​ in the search for "​virtual energy"​ to replace existing energyI hope that this process of change can be affirmed and actively promoted, this is just a suggestion!+Apollo-NG is a mobileself-sustainableindependent and highly-experimental [[mission:​start|Hackbase]]focused on research, development ​and usage of next-generation [[mission:​tech| open technology]] while visiting places without a resident, local Hackerspace and offering other Hackers ​the opportunity to work together on exciting [[lab:​start|projects]] and to share fun, food, [[mission:resources|tools & resources]]knowledge, experience and inspiration.