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Support Apollo-NG

Sponsorship is vital to the success of Apollo-NG. If you want to become a bit more involved in the development of this hackbase and/or want to support the continuation of the growing number of Research & Development projects, why don't you become a Sponsor?

In any case, the most simple form of support is spreading the word, so that other people get interested and see that the world is changing. We really appreciate any social media reference pointing toward our projects, so please “like” and share infos and links you may have found helpful with other people in your social networks.

You can donate products and/or services

Have a look at our Wishlist for an overview of what Apollo-NG needs and would like to have on board.

You can donate time

Monetary Donations

To spread and gather more experience with alternative, independent and more transparent currencies, we have established a permanent bitcoin address, where you can donate small amounts of bitcoins. In the end we're really not interested in having to deal with money and try to avoid its use at all, but there are a couple of system dependencies left (crew/vehicle insurances/taxes), which could not be resolved without money yet. If you really want to help and donate more than just a couple of mBTC, please contact us directly, in order to work it out.

Donate Bitcoins
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Donate Bitcoins