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 ~~TAGCLOUD:​50~~ ~~TAGCLOUD:​50~~
-===== Bitcoin Donations ===== 
-<div class="​wrap_sidebar_box plugin_wrap">​ 
-<span style="​font-family:​ Arimo; color:#​3F3E3A;​ width: 100%; display: inline-block;​ text-align: justify; margin-top:​4px">​If we could help you in some way, please consider donating. This will help us keep going, this website free of ads or external pressure and will give us more time to focus on ongoing and new projects.</​span><​br /><br /> 
-<a href="/​support:​start"><​img src="​_media/​support:​bc-donate-apollo-ng.png"​ style="​border:​ 0px solid  #​888680"​ alt="​Donate Bitcoins"​ title="​Donate Bitcoins"></​a><​span style="​font-family:​ Arimo; color:#​3F3E3A;​ width: 100%; line-height:​ 25px; display: inline-block;​ text-align: center; margin-top:​4px"><​b>​1DWwtA77FogzAttjsym9Gu2813yWs2gPr9</​b></​span>​