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AD584 vs. LM399 Voltage Reference Test Setup

One of the upcoming future projects is going to be the build of a high capacity 48V lithium battery bank. In order to be prepared and able to measure cell voltages with single digit mV precision, it became clear that the lab's multimeters may not offer high enough resolution or accuracy. So we are trapped in the chicken - egg situation where we don't have good enough equipment to verify our measuring devices.

Precision Voltage References to the rescue then.

But how stable and accurate are they? In order to help us and share what is learned with all of you, a cheap AD584 and a not so cheap LM399 “precision voltage reference” were purchased.

As you can see, so far (over the last 5 hours) the LM399 really wasnt worth the money…


testfe80:e7b7:72e5:e9d1:0ebb:cbe6:48f3:41c9, 2021/08/09 18:53

Which tool did you use to make those Pictures?

chrono, 2021/08/09 19:15

The one and only:

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