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Mission Update: Going Dark

Dear friends, followers, sponsors, supporters and random fellow hacker, who might have found this surfing on the waves of the net: It is with great sadness and regret that I have to announce this but the day has finally come and the “new” basecamp is no more. Over the course of the last 6 month it has been a constant struggle of tiresome scrambling to find an alternative. Thankfully and more or less last-minute, someone stepped up and offered an alternative to living under a bridge: A room in a basement of some industrial complex. Well, ghetto-kids can't be choosers.

Although, at this moment, it might look like the shittiest place I have ever had to live before, I am only grateful and will try to make the best of it, as always, with the skill and determination of a soldier, the focus and dedication of a monk and the creativity and resourcefulness only a hacker mindset can cook up. The time and resources lost for this move will make a launch this year rather unlikely, if we cannot find either one big or many small sponsor(s) for the Aquarius (Landing-Module).

Since I have no more personal belongings other than clothes and everything else is packed up and stored shipshape in containers, research focus will now ultimately shift back to survival again, so many non-survival related projects will not receive their required sprints until that situation stabilizes over time or one of the funding projects will finally lead to success.

As a consequence, a big chunk of our live metrics are going to be offline from now on, internet access will be sparse at best, so the lab/printer livestream will be offline too. Our network services like the wiki, pads, cloudmaps and the CAPCOM will continue to run.



fe80:4deb:6cf1:3c62:2165:d238:9da7:4c3c, 2015/05/29 02:38


…good luck with everything I hope it all works out and you can shift back into research mode again :)

fe80:d8af:6f67:6051:0403:32f4:52db:c488, 2015/06/06 20:41

Good Luck for U

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